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Teach Yourself CORBA In 14 Days

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Table of Contents:

Sams' Teach Yourself CORBA
in 14 days

Introduction -

Week 1 at a Glance

Day 1 - Getting Familiar with CORBA
Day 2 - Understanding the CORBA Architecture
Day 3 - Mastering the Interface Definition Language (IDL)
Day 4 - Building a CORBA Application
Day 5 - Designing the System: A Crash Course in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Day 6 - Implementing Basic Application Capabilities
Day 7 - Using Exceptions to Perform Error Checking

Week 1 in Review

Week 2 at a Glance

Day 8 - Adding Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Capability
Day 9 - Using Callbacks to Add Push Capability
Day 10 - Learning About CORBA Design Issues
Day 11 - Using the Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII)
Day 12 - Exploring CORBAservices and CORBAfacilities
Day 13 - Developing for the Internet Using CORBA and Java
Day 14 - Web-Enabling the Bank Example with Java

Week 2 in Review


Appendix A - Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
Appendix B - CORBA Tools and Utilities
Appendix C - What Lies Ahead? The Future of CORBA

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