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rcp [options] sources target

Copy files between machines. Both sources and target are filename specifications of the form host:pathname, where host: can be omitted for a file on the local machine. If no pathname is included in target, source files are placed in your home directory. If you have a different username on the remote host, specify the form username@hostname:file



Preserve in copies the modification times, access times, and modes of the source files.


If target and sources are both directories, copy each subtree rooted at source.


Copy the local files junk and test to your home directory on machine hermes:

rcp junk test hermes:

Copy the local bin directory and all subdirectories to the /usr/tools directory on machine diana:

rcp -r /bin diana:/usr/tools

Copy all files in your home directory on machine hera, and put them in local directory /usr/daniel with times and modes unchanged:

rcp -p "hera:*" /usr/daniel

Quote the first argument to prevent filename expansion from occurring on the local machine.

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