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prof [options] [object_file]

Display the profile data for an object file. The file's symbol table is compared with profile file mon.out (previously created by the monitor function). Choose only one of the sort options -a, -c, -n, or -t . See also lprof and gprof.



List output by symbol address.


List output by decreasing number of calls.


Include non-global (static) function symbols.


Suppress the report heading.


Exclude non-global function symbols (the default).


Use pf as the input profile file instead of mon.out.


List by symbol name.


Show addresses in octal (invalid with -x).


Print a summary on standard error.


List by decreasing total time percentage (the default).


Print version information on standard error.


Show addresses in hexadecimal (invalid with -o).


Include zero usage calls.

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