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Headers, Precedence, and Trust
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14.3 Headers Learned So Far

Now add all the headers so far described to the client.cf file:

O OldStyleHeaders=True
O BlankSub=.                    # Replace unquoted spaces with a dot.

# Headers                                                     <- new
HFrom: <$g>                     # Added only if missing       <- new
HReceived: by $j; $b            # Always added                <- new
H?x?Full-Name: $?x$x$.          # Add full name if available  <- new
H?D?Date: $a                    # Add if F=D                  <- new
H?M?Message-Id: <$t.$i@$j>      # Add if F=M                  <- new

Note that the Full-Name: header uses the ?x? flag, so you need to add that same flag to our hub delivery agent definition:

Mhub,   P=[IPC], S=Hubset, R=0, F=xmDFMuXa, T=DNS/RFC822/SMTP, A=IPC $h

With these few additions the client.cf file is almost ready to use, but we won't test it yet. First we need to discuss priorities.

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