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8.53 ExtUtils::Liblist

Used for building a Makefile for a Perl module. Takes a list of libraries and returns platform-appropriate lines that can be included in the Makefile.

require ExtUtils::Liblist;
ExtUtils::Liblist::ext($potential_libs[, $verbose]);
The input list $potential_libs is in the form -llib1 -llib2 -llib3. Additional library paths may be included in the form -L/another/path, which affects searches for all subsequent libraries. If the Boolean $verbose is specified, verbose output messages are provided. Returns a list of four scalar values:


List of libraries that need to be linked with ld when linking a Perl binary that includes a static extension.


List of static or dynamic libraries that can or must be linked when creating a shared library using ld.


Colon-separated list of the directories in LDLOADLIBS.


List of libraries that are needed but can be linked in dynamically with the DynaLoader at runtime.

The Win32 version (in the standard Perl distribution) has several differences from the Unix-OS/2 version:

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