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$http->OpenRequest(requestobject, [path, method, version, referer, accept, flags, context])
$http->OpenRequest($requestobject, hashref)

Opens an HTTP request and saves it as $requestobject. Returns undef on error, or a number if the connection was successful. You can then use one of the AddHeader, SendRequest, QueryInfo, QueryDataAvailable, and ReadFile methods on the newly-created requestobject. The optional parameters and their values are:


The object to request. This is generally a filename, an executable module, etc. The default is "/".


The method to use, which can be GET, POST, HEAD, or PUT. Default is GET.


The HTTP version. Default is HTTP/1.0.


The URL of the document from which the URL in the request was obtained.


The content types accepted. They must be separated by a "\0" (ASCII zero). Default types are "text/* image/gif image/jpeg."


Additional flags affecting the behavior of the function.


A number to identify this operation if it is asynchronous. See SetStatusCallback and GetStatusCallback for more information on asynchronous operations.

A reference to a hash containing the previous list of parameters can also be supplied to this method.

  "path"        => "path",
  "method"      => "method",
  "version"     => "version",
  "referer"     => "referer",
  "accept"      => "accept",
  "flags"       => flags,
  "context"     => context,

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