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$inet->HTTP(httpobject, server, username, password, [port, flags, context])
$inet->HTTP($httpobject, $hashref)

Opens an HTTP connection to server, logging in with the given username and password. The new connection object is saved as httpobject. The parameters and their values are:


The server to connect to.


The username used to log in to the server. Default is anonymous.


The password used to log in to the server. Default is none.


The port of the HTTP service on the server. Default is 80.


Additional flags affecting the behavior of the function.


A number to identify this operation if it is asynchronous.

If you pass a hash reference, the following values are taken from the hash:

  "server"   => "server",
  "username" => "username",
  "password" => "password",
  "port"     => port,
  "flags"    => flags,
  "context"  => context,
The HTTP method returns undef if the connection failed, a number otherwise. You can then call any of the HTTP functions as methods of the newly-created httpobject.

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