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pod2fm [options] file

Translates pod to FrameMaker format.


-book [bookname]

If set, creates FrameMaker book file. If not specified, bookname defaults to perl; filename extension is .book in either case.


Whether to convert a MIF-format .doc output file to binary FrameMaker format. Default is -doc.

-format type

Which format to copy from the template document specified with the -template option. Type can be a comma-separated list, and -format can also be specified more than once. Legal types are:

allAll types (the default)
CharacterCharacter formats
ParagraphParagraph formats
PageMaster page layouts
ReferenceReference page layouts
TableTable formats
VariablesVariable definitions
MathMath definitions
CrossCross-reference definitions
ColorColor definitions

Conditional text definitions


Preserves page breaks; controls how the other types are used


Preserves other format changes; controls how the other types are used


Whether to generate an index. Defaults to -noindex.


Whether to lock file as read-only so you can use hypertext marker feature. Defaults to -nolock.


Whether to stop execution after generating the MML version of the file. Default is -nommlonly.


Whether to try to open the book after creating it; requires the -book option.

-template document

Specifies a template document for pod2fm to copy a format for use in formatting the output. document is the path to the template document.


Whether to generate a table of contents. Defaults to -notoc.

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