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Learning Perl on Win32 Systems

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The exercises in this book are available electronically by FTP and FTPMAIL. Use FTP if you are directly on the Internet. Use FTPMAIL if you are not on the Internet but can send and receive electronic mail to Internet sites. (This includes CompuServe users.)


If you have an Internet connection (permanent or dialup), the easiest way to use FTP is via your web browser or favorite FTP client. To get the examples, simply point your browser to:


If you don't have a web browser, you can use the command-line FTP client included with Windows NT (or Windows 95).

% ftp ftp.oreilly.com
Connected to ftp.oreilly.com. 
220 ftp.oreilly.com FTP server (Version 6.34 Thu Oct 22 14:32:01 EDT 1992) ready.
Name (ftp.oreilly.com:username): anonymous 
331 Guest login ok, send e-mail address as password.
Password: username@hostname            Use your username and host here 
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply. 
ftp> cd /published/oreilly/nutshell/learning_perlnt
250 CWD command successful. 
ftp> get README 
200 PORT command successful. 
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for README (xxxx bytes). 
226 Transfer complete. 
local: README remote: README 
xxxx bytes received in xxx seconds (xxx Kbytes/s) 
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> get examples.zip 
200 PORT command successful. 
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for examples.zip (xxxx bytes). 
226 Transfer complete. local: exercises remote: exercises 
xxxx bytes received in xxx seconds (xxx Kbytes/s) 
ftp> quit 
221 Goodbye. 


FTPMAIL is a mail server available to anyone who can send electronic mail to, and receive electronic mail from, Internet sites. Any company or service provider that allows email connections to the Internet can access FTPMAIL.

You send mail to . In the message body, give the FTP commands you want to run. The server will run anonymous FTP for you, and mail the files back to you. To get a complete help file, send a message with no subject and the single word "help" in the body. The following is an example mail message that gets the examples. This command sends you a listing of the files in the selected directory and the requested example files. The listing is useful if you are interested in a later version of the examples.

reply-to username@hostname      (Message Body) Where you want files mailed 
cd /published/oreilly/nutshell/learning_perlnt
mode binary
get examples.zip

A signature at the end of the message is acceptable as long as it appears after "quit."

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